Friday, September 18, 2009

RIP Harlow my baby :'(

So I woke to some terrible news this morning... My Kitten Harlow got run over and she died.
I'm incredibly upset about it, she was the cutest, most kind natured and adorable little bundle of fluff I've ever had as a pet.
I've never had a cat like her. She always used to be happiest when she was wrapped around your next like a scarf and you always new she was happy because she'd purr like a lawn-mower :)
Even my Uncle who is allergic to cats, loved her and took to her instantly, carrying her around on his shoulder and feeding her meat scraps when he was cooking the barbie.
I'll miss her so so much and I can't believe she's gone already :( We've had her since March and she's been the best kitten.
I love her.
Here are some shots of me and my gorgeous girl:

RIP my baby xoxoxoxoxoxoxo I'll miss you.

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