Monday, September 7, 2009

First sunscreen application for the warm weather!!!

Hey guys! Well I'm pretty excited over something fairly small, I just had to do my first sunscreen application since last summer :D
That means, the weather's heating up! BUT, with warm weather comes crazy ass protection. I'm serious, I truly can't stress enough how very important it is to wear sunscreen nowadays. I've always been pretty slack, but i was sitting outside just now for about 5 minutes with my arms exposed to the sunlight with no sunblock and already, at the very start of spring, i am sunburnt on my left arm.
Scary shit. No way am i getting skin cancer or popped blood vessels or wrinkly skin when I'm old or any of that shit!
This spring/summer I'm gonna be super sun-smart. I tan very very easily during the warmer seasons and that's usually because i go without sunblock... I've always thought that I'd be okay without it because i don't tend to burn very easily, but just now, after seeing how quick i burnt, i went straight inside, dug up a bottle of SPF 30 and slathered it on, all over my arms, every bit of exposed skin including the back of my neck. Sunscreen is going to be my greatest accessory this spring/summer, along with a great new pair of sunnies and a funky hat :)
And to compensate for that fact that I won't be AS tanned as usual, Everyday i shall use my Johnson's Holiday Skin Body Lotion which is like a two in one, brilliant moisturizer and fake tan. Perfect!
A lot of girls in my town find it embarrassing to use fake tan, and prefer to lie in the sun and bake for hours instead so it's "real", but fuck that, I don't want skin cancer. Bring on the two in one and sunblock!
Enjoy your sun-smart summer and have a great day :)


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