Saturday, September 5, 2009

Anorexics + My heart break coping mechanism.

I heard the most disgusting thing the other day, my friend told me about a few girls at my school who have begun starving themselves to lose weight. This topic of discussion arose because I mentioned a noticeable loss of weight in one of the girls, to which my friend informed me of her "effective" diet regime. I couldn't believe it. I am so disgusted by the prospect of people STARVING themselves to achieve weight loss. I can barely look at her now. 
I just find it so damn frustrating that there are some people out there who are so stupid and naive, that instead of developing a healthy eating plan, combined with exercise, they eat NOTHING! Hoping to lose a few kgs!
Look: Is it really worth it??
IT IS SO BAD FOR YOU! AND, you end up looking disgusting! It affects your physical appearance in terms of skin complexion, hair, teeth etc. It is awful to feeling a constant hunger, and have it be so intense, ALL THE TIME. If affects your sleep because you're so hungry, it affects your concentration because your brain can't function properly without adequate fuel, your muscles don't work properly because you have a severe lack of energy.
Not to mention that usually, it makes you look bloated because your stomach has no food to digest.
Also, i have never in my entire life met a guy who finds girls that thin attractive at all. Most of them, in fact will proudly admit that they love a bit of booty/curve to a woman!
When you go on diets such as these, or other ridiculous plans where you change your eating habits for a certain amount of time to lose a bit of weight, what people fail to realize is that the second you start eating normally again, you'll gain all the weight back on! That is why it is so important to simply eat a healthy balanced diet with food from all the different food groups, incorporated with regular exercise and you will be a happy, healthy being.
I know what i'd rather choose... obviously.
Another girl my friend told me about, I was so, SO disappointed to hear that she wasn't eating, because she's always been such a beautiful, confident girl who's so sure of herself and "doesn't care what other people think"... Well obviously she does.
I think my school need to make a bigger deal about this type of thing. It's generally just "swept under the carpet" and not dealt with, when during teen years, it is absolutely paramount that this issue is addressed.
I intend to see the Deputy Principle about it and ask them to somehow address this and see if we can't get a message through the heads of those stupid and naive enough to believe that the healthy way to be is by not feeding themselves.

Anyway, on to my next point which is that of my coping mechanisms when I'm upset... which i was rather a little while ago.
It seems funny to me that over the last couple of months, i seemed to have developed a new technique to help me deal with grief/heart break etc. Instead of curling up in a little ball and bawling my eyes out like I use to or binge drinking for a week like a mate of mine use to, I set fitness goals.
I sit there, more determined than ever, and set a bunch of goals and start planning the actions i will need to help them become a success. I spose it just gives me something to concentrate all my energy on... Stops me from becoming a hermit or something. I'm quite glad that this is how i react now. it kinda gives all the bad shit a silver lining..
Here's the list i wrote out about half an hour ago when I was very very upset, it's kinda like my fitness bucket list:

1. Start doing weights regularly at the gym.
2. Take up boxing.
3. Learn to surf.
4. Do yoga everyday for at least 30 minutes.
5. Win school x-country one year.
6. Scuba dive.
7. Run a half marathon.
8. Run a full marathon.
9. Do a triathlon
10. At some stage in my life, become a yoga instructor.
11. Become a black belt in martial arts/martial arts expert.

Having these long-term goals to work towards helps me stay focused and think of the positive. It gives me a genuine reason to get out of bed when all i want to do is curl up and cry.
I run a lot when i'm sad. It helps me run out all the pain.. I just run until i can't run anymore and my chest feels like it's about to burst, and my knees feel like they're going to snap and my body is so covered in sweat, it feels as though i've been drained of all liquid.
That is the best therapy for me. I truly helps me cope with shit.

What helps you deal with emotional strain?
What would you have on your bucket list?


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