Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hot Pools, Nintendo WII + Hed PE.

I just got home from Karla's house, we had the mintest night! It started with Kelsi, Karla, Leonie and I going to the hot pools. That was really cool, it was just us four chicks and it was great to chill and just chat and gossip :) Also the hot water was HEAVEN on my poor sore muscles :( They're really bad today, but the hot water helped. Also, i have a nasty ass cold at the moment so that makes life ten times more difficult. But nevertheless, i had a really awesome time ^-^ We got some SWEEEET photos too! And a video :) Leonie's camera has this righteous case which goes underwater, so we have some photos which will have you trippin' balls!
Anyway, so the pools close at 9.30pm so we had to get out. We had some sweet chat in the changing rooms, but there was this pain in the ass little kid who kept butting in to our conversation, must of been like 3 or 4 hahaha.
We parted ways with Leonie at the gate and Kelsi, Karla and I continued onwards to home. I wasn't going to stay over at Karla's because I'm really sick with a bad cold and I thought I should have an early night (god knows i needed it, i was feeling dizzy and falling asleep at like 10!), but instead i decided to stay :) We got to Karla's and spent about an hour sitting at her breakfast bar with our various beverages- sparkling lemonade, hot ribena with honey, coffee, water and cordial, just chatting about anything and everything. Eventually after relocating to the floor in front of the fire and chatting for a few more hours, we hit the hay. Three of us in one queen size bed haha, it was surprisingly comfy! And i went to bed first so i was freezing and really happy to have two people to assist in warming it up. Snacks were salada crackers with Edam cheese. We woke up around 10.20 and after chatting about yummy food for 15 minutes or so, all decided we were hungry and wanted eats so we went and got brekky :) Breakfast for me consisted of  THEN.... THEN we busted out the Nintendo WII!!! Boxing yeeeee! :D MAN that is one hell of a work out! It was great, i just had to think of someone who highly fucks me off and i was good to go haha. My arms are so sore now, if you did that for 30 minutes you'd have your high intensity cardio DOWN! Best thing was, when the Karla's parents went out, we put on music really really loud and it was mostly Hed PE, so the style of the music fit perfectly with the nature of the activity we were doing. We spent some of the day sitting outside on the deck enjoying the sun which was nice :)
Kelsi went home around 1.30pm and Karla and I watched Jumper and she cooked lunch. Lunch consisted of two chicken burger patties and two scoops or so of chips. not overly healthy, but it's not something i eat often, so what the hell.
We then watched Kill Bill 2 which was gnarly as fuck and after we played a good ol' game of Tennis on the WII and golf, baseball and once again, BOXING!
I left at around 6.15pm, came home, had a shower, and here i am :)
I had such an awesome time!!
Can't wait to do it again ^.^

Love you all.

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