Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is what i do when i'm inspired and feeling the love!

I have stumbled across a website with the most beautiful aim and so much heart, beauty and love, it made me so happy to see that there are some truly beautiful (on the inside AND out) people in this world, it kinda helped restore my faith in humanity.
The idea is for females (and males, should they so desire to participate) to post post-it notes with positives affirmations in public places such as the bathroom mirror or gym changing room etc.
It'll put a smile on the face of whoever reads it and make them feel that much happier ^-^
When i found this website tonight i was feeling sooo down in the dumps, i was REALLY upset because there's been a lot of shit lately going down and i felt like i was lacking strength to deal with it all, then i found the site and after about half an hour of flicking through the pages i was restored to such a positive happy mood!
The creator Caitlin, is a true hero and a massive inspiration of mine, check out her individual blog:
She is a hero to us all.

All this also inspired to me get off my ass and get back in shape for summer. I'm going to start running again because, even though i said otherwise, I could never give up running, i secretly love it lol.
Honestly, it's so relaxing and enjoyable and gives me a chance to be by myself and think about things.
I really do have a great time doing it. My biggest problem is finding somewhere NICE to go, My usual route is kinda boring, i want something DIFFERENT...
Maybe i'll do the bird walk, through hillcrest, through town and back home..
Wait, perhaps i should start out a little shorter since it's been a while.. lol
I put my running shoes out on my drawers so in the morning it'll remind me of what i need to do.
It's a hassle finding the motivation to actually get going, but once i do, i always feel great afterwards.

Spread the love and joy people

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