Saturday, August 29, 2009

Deep and meaningful... I do get gushy :)

My idea of love.35 days ago
It's when you care about that person so much, that merely the THOUGHT of them getting hurt, being let down, feeling disappointed, getting physically harmed... or just feeling pain in any way, tears apart the very depths of your soul because it breaks your heart to see them sad, and you would do ANYTHING in the WORLD to protect them from feeling pain.

It's when the thought of them takes over your mind, and you forget everything else in the world and are happy simply picturing them smile or laugh, and it takes you away on a day-dream.

It's when you see them in person, and you wish you could hold them and cling to them and snuggle up to them forever, to ignore everything else and just stay there with them, forget all the conflicts in the world around you just to be with that person.

It's when you don't need fancy Balls or parties, or big events to be happy, as long as your being held by that person, you feel perfect and don't need anything else in the world to please you.
It's when you don't need a "Big White Wedding" to prove your love, you just need yourself and that person, and you can conquer the world.

It's when you don't need to see each other or talk to each other 24/7, sure you'll miss each other to the point where you'll feel sick, but you trust each other and know it'll be worth the wait when you next see them.

It's when you can lie naked with them or shower with them, and have it not be sexual in any way, you're just emotionally connected and happy to be in an intimate situation, to respect and love each others bodies in their most vulnerable state.

It's when you miss them so much you feel sick and unable to function properly, just seconds after you've said goodbye to them...

That's my idea of love.

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