Saturday, August 29, 2009

I really don't enjoy being sick all that much.

Jenny's moan page.10 days ago
I'm really not happy right now. I'm hungry and all there is to eat is my secret stash of dark chocolate. so for the last three days, that's what i've been snacking on. I'm tired, my headache is so bad it feels like my brain is trying to expand and explode out of my skull, i'm stressed beyond the limit because i've missed so much school it's gonna be a bitch to try and catch up and i REALLY need to because if i fail ncea level one then i will shoot myself in the head for being so bloody useless. All the stress of that is in turn, making my flu worse which is stressing me out even further which is like a vicious cycle :S not to mention i'm freaking out about getting fat for some reason and i can't even exercise coz i can barely walk straight coz i'm so dizzy and my foot is screwed so i can't run anyway... ARGH. AND! It's raining again, what the hell!??! It went away and was beautiful and sunny for like a DAY, and now it's turned to sh*t again. WHAT is that about?!? And why isn't facebook letting me type my massive update all in one go?? why's that changed? My friggin body can't decide whether it wants to be hot or freezing. i miss my dad and he never ever replies to any of my messages or whatever online which pisses me off, i wanna move to Auckland so it's easier to go to casting calls, i want to be able to be open about my growing love for a certain amazing human being, and i want to get better so i can write music with Zakk, get it recorded, set up a myspace, youtube and bebo band account so we can be proactive and get noticed. BUT NONE OF THIS IS POSSIBLE WHEN I HAVE THE F**KING FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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