Friday, September 25, 2009


Yes that's right, I'll no longer be using blogger, I exported my blog to Wordpress, so it's all there :) I'll be using WordPress from now on, so if you would like to continue reading my blog, please do, visit it here: I'll still be updating everyday! It'll just be with a flasher layout ;) 

Holidays are here!

Today on the last day of term, it occurred to me how enormously unhappy school makes me. The reason for this is purely because of the people.
There are so many people who are just unpleasant, disruptive and unmotivated.
They care for nobody but themselves and spend the majority of the time that should be spent learning, acting like complete douchebags, convinced that they're absolutely hilarious.
I've failed two practice exams because of this disruptive behaviour because they were Aural exams and I was unable to focus and LISTEN. They fail to comply to common exam etiquette and so we all pay the price.
This does not make for a very pleasant high school experience, especially since HS is stressful enough without extra distractions.
It's so difficult to concentrate and focus on achieving excellence when the teacher is too busy shouting in their ear and directing their focus at trying to control these stupid people, their teacher efforts are wasted and cancelled out by the fact that they can't reinforce them and go over it all properly with us.


Especially sine next year it gets serious. The subjects I'm taking are English Excellence, Math Combo, Biology, Chemistry, P.E Elite and Health. It's so important for me to do well in these subjects because they are required for the course I plan to take at uni.
By the way, I had an appointment with the school Careers Advisor this morning and we went over all my plans, subjects and future goals and I've come to the conclusion that I'd be better off to stay at school for year 13 for four reasons:

1. So I don't get a shock with the huge step up from level 2 to course work.
2. So I can go further with the subjects I'm taking and gain extra knowledge that will be of use to me for my course
3. To increase the chances of being accepted to any institution I choose to apply for
and 4. To gain university entrance to have something to fall back on.

I have however decided that perhaps university would be a better option for me because after researching the course outlines etc, Massey University seems to be a better choice than Wintec.
anyway, back to where I was...

I want to do a 3 year Bachelor in Sport and Exercise and after that do a post-graduate degree in Journalism. This is so I can be a fitness and health blogger/journalist. I think a University rather than polytech would be a better choice simply to broaden my horizons in my particular area of study.
I want to get the most out of my money and determination.

Only thing in my way is the stupid people who are disturbing my focus! It's ridiculous!!! and UNFAIR.

On a more positive note, it was the last day of school term today and I ran 7k's! Today our percussion group performed in full school assembly. We were so nervous!!! But we had an awesome time and everyone loved it :) There were a few mistakes here and there, but it sounded MINT overall, and that's all that matters.
Afterwards we all went back into the music room and had a MEEAANNN feed! We had chocolate, chocolate biscuits, fizzy drink, chips, chocolate fish, shapes, crackers, lollies... ugh EVERYTHING! I ate so much chocolate haha, it's my secret weakness. I felt so sick after though, that's the most fat and sugar my body has had in one single sitting in months, and I felt sick for two whole periods. 
It was heaps of fun though and I've become rather attached to my fellow bucket-drummers :)

anyway, the chocolate binge is was motivated me to consider running 2k's longer than I usually do. Once again it was miserable and raining but I went anyway. I took it reealllyyy slow because since I haven't run 7k's in months, I can't remember how I pace myself, so I took it really slow so I wouldn't burn out. It took me about 50 minutes which is SHAMEFUL, but I realized that I'm fully able to speed it up because once I got home I felt like I'd only run 5k. The biggest issue was my right knee, during the last k home it was SO sore. I almost couldn't finish because it hurt so bad. I'm really going to have to do something about that so it doesn't get worse. I plan to book a physiotherapy appointment and start going to the gym to strengthen my thigh muscles to help stop the pain. 
Once I got home I iced my knees for 15 minutes which felt AMAZING, and did my arm weights. My arms are getting super buff and I love it :)
I've decided that I'm going use my 5k run's as speed training, just run as hard as I can the whole way, and do some distance training on other days, which will be (obviously) extending my distance. Tomorrow I plan to run 10k's and then on Sunday I'll rest and Monday I'll do a 5k. Maybe I'll drop even more minutes off my time and be within the 20-30 minute range??? that. would. be. SWEET!

Well, as I mentioned in the title, the holidays are here! and I'm really excited :) These holidays I plan to:
Run, blog, study, travel, socialize and weight lift haha.
There are some people that I can't wait to spend some seriously good time with.
Nothing like time with loved ones :)

Anyway, it's 8pm and I'm exhausted. I think i'll go to bed.

What are your holiday plans? What's your favourite way to exercise, if at all?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Braving the pouring rain and freezing cold in running shoes, shorts, my anorak and Ipod!

Today I just proved the ultimate test of dedication... I hadn't been for a run in 2 days and I was dying to get out an go, but it was absolutely FREEZING outside and pouring bucketloads of rain. I decided to suck it up and get out and go anyway. I was definitely motivated by Caitlin's blogposts on running in less-than-desirable conditions on her blog (which is an awesome blog by the way, I strongly recommend you check it out).
So I borrowed my mothers new red Anorak (second hand), put on my tiny running shorts, laced up my running shoes and off I went! 
WELL, let me tell you..
I. Got. WET. That anorak was most definitely NOT water proof, I felt like I was running through a constant full-force shower! I was able to wring-out my running shorts at the end haha and my shoes had a pond in each. When I was running, I originally tried to avoid puddles because I wanted to reduce wet-feet as much as possible, and I was going pretty well till I got about 1.5k's in and I stepped in what I thought was a very shallow and safe puddle, and actually ended up being a good 2 inches deep. Good stuff lol.
So for the rest of the 5k I gave up caring, despite the fact that the amount of water was so great that it felt like I was running with weights attached to my ankles.
Nevertheless, I ran the fastest 5k I have ever run before! I clocked it in 33 minutes!! That's a new PR! I was so so happy. I'm not entirely sure what caused my huge boost of energy so I was able to knock so much time off, It could've been a number of things:

1. Super-food sushi for lunch
2. Day days rest from any intense exercise
3. A good 11 hours of sleep last night
4. Freezing my butt off and dripping from head to toe with water and just wanting to get home.

Hmmm, probably a combination of all four I'd say?
Either way, I was very VERY pleased, and that just made it more worthwhile having run in such icky conditions.
I find that if I rest for longer than 2 days, I tend to lose motivation, so I try not to go more than two days without running because I forget what the endorphins feel like and I get just a little too comfortable with being lazy, which isn't good.
I think that by setting long-term fitness goals though, that will help me stay motivated to keep running.
Once I got back from running, I removed all my wet clothing, stretched in front of the nice warm fire, showered, then did some weights to help strengthen my arms. I just used a 1kg today.

Oh! Something I've forgotten to mention thus far, I found out some wonderful news yesterday which completely lightened my mood considering that I had a really terrible day and I was generally miserable the entire time.
I made it into Year 12 P.E Elite!!!
I can't believe I did it! Considering I didn't take P.E this year, I am so lucky to have been academically successful enough to prove that I am capable.
Ms Dobben, the Head Of Department for P.E said that she felt I was well capable and that the motivation was there and she expects me to do well. I was so proud that she has that level of faith in me as an athlete, that that alone is enough to keep me going.
I couldn't thank her enough.

P.E Elite will offer so many opportunities in sport which will be so beneficial to me and will also look fantastic on my application to Wintec in November of next year.
An example of and awesome opportunity we're offered is a two day Ski Trip! I love skiing and I haven't been in four years! Next year will make that five, so I'm so excited at the prospect of being able to attend that.

Anyway, I just sent an email to the local newspaper, the Whakatane Beacon, asking them to consider the possibility of letting me write an entertainment article for them. I feel I'm capable and I outlined the reasons why I thought I would be good for the job.
I was inspired to do this after reading one of the blog posts from HealthyTippingPoint about being afraid to ask for things.
I found it really thought-provoking, and instantly decided that I was going to do something I've been meaning to do for months, request permission to write an article for the local newspaper.
I would love the experience and the exposure it would give me, also the pride I would get from knowing I am good enough to have my work published locally.
That's a step in the right direction towards my ultimate goal of being a healthy eating/fitness blogger and journalist.

Lastly, eats for today included:
Homemade raw Granola and Milk for breakfast with a coffee (of course!),
Walnuts and Almonds plus and Apple for Interval
Marmite on Wholegrain bread, an Apple and four pieces of AWESOME sushi for lunch
and Lean beef with brown rice and peanut sauce for dinner.
nom nom nom!
Goodnight everybody. x

Monday, September 21, 2009

Up and out!... With cuts and grazes.

Wow... today has definitely been an interesting day... This stupid b*tch with a nasty attitude problem who's a year younger than me, smashed a window on me at the end of Lunchtime. I was lent up against the window and she punched the glass and it smashed all over me, I got glass EVERYWHERE. All down my shirt, in my bra, down my back, in my collar, in my hair. I have several little cuts on my neck and back now, not to mention my hands which had glass sticking out of them.
Obviously, there was quite a crowd that gathered outside the window in excitement, and me, not really giving a sh*t that they were there, just wanted to get the glass off so I stripped in front of all of them lol. It only registered to me when I was in the sick bay that there had been pretty much half the male population of the school watching me strip to my bra. Oh well, like I always say: Everyone loves naked b*tches. It doesn't bother me, I've never been shy with that sort of thing.
They'll get over it.
Anyway, it took AGES to get all the glass off, I changed my top to my P.E shirt which I luckily had with me in my bag (reason why I took my top off), and I still had microscopic little shards stuck in my skin which hurt like a bitch and required a shower to fully remove.
I WAS TOTALLY PISSED. Seriously, I have never wanted to punch someone so bad in my life. I wanted to do two things, 1. Punch her as hard as I could in the face, and 2. Curl up in the arms of a particular person and CRY!
I did neither.
I didn't hit her because I know better than that, she's a crazy b*tch and would've totally kicked my ass and because I would've gotten in heaps of trouble and I didn't want anymore drama than necessary because I knew there would be some as a result. And I didn't cry because that's stupid and sissy in that situation and I had a feeling that that certain person wouldn't be very interested in comforting me, which would've made me feel worse.
Haylie went with me to the sickbay to clean the glass out of my skin and wait with me while the DP came and spoke to me about what happened. I went home early and completely missed 5th period so I could go home and shower to wash my hair and remove any excess glass.
The thing I hate the most, is knowing that people will be gossiping about it now, the fact that there was a broken window and that I took my top off in front of heaps of people, which to me is no big deal. I HATE being the topic of gossip.  It's so primary school.

Anyway, I'm moving on from that now, that girl will get in trouble and my life will continue as normal with a few extra healing cuts. 
It's all made easier to get over because I have the knowledge that in one short year, I will be finishing high school forever to go to Wintec in Hamilton and do a three year Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science, and then once I'm finished, do a one year Diploma in Journalism. EXCITING STUFF!!
Possibly the most exciting factor about all this, is knowing that I'll be finished with stupid high school drama. I feel like I've outgrown high school, not in the sense of work and level of difficulty, but the shit that goes on, the drama and constant issues and just general immaturity. Today's little demonstration is a perfect example of it all, and I feel as though it's all so beneath me. I'm so ready for new and exciting things, independence and maturity. A real chance to live life and enjoy it.
Also, at the risk of contradicting myself and sounding immature, I'm so excited to be leaving behind people who have created havoc in my life and caused my life to feel like hell. There are so many people that I'm so relieved I will never have to see again in my life.
My life without them in it, seems absolutely blissful! There are no words to describe the level of stress that will be removed from my shoulders. I'm so ready to move on and leave the past behind. 2011 is when my life will truly begin :)

I can hardly wait.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Productive Sunday.

I'm really pleased with myself, because today I had a productive day! And this is awesome because it's Sunday and I'm NEVER productive on Sundays. Usually I lie around all day feeling miserable, contemplating that the following day is monday, and no one likes Mondays.
EXCEPT! I'm looking forward to tomorrow because it's my dear friend Dallas's 17th birthday and I can't wait to give him his present :)
But anyway, today I woke up naturally at ten to 8 in the morning, delighted to find that it was a beautiful sunny day. I checked my blog, read the latest "healthy tipping point" entry as I do every day, I showered, then I cooked a SWEET breakfast for Mitchell and I. My fav, french toast with Wholemeal bread with real Maple Syrup and frozen Blueberries on top :)
We waited about 45 minutes for our food to settle, I slathered on the sunblock, listened to Red Hot Chili Peppers, then we headed off for our intense bush walk up the Bird Walk (which is a short distance, but heavily made up of almost vertical flights of stairs and never-ending hills). It was HARD OUT! I had forgotten just how much of a workout those flights of stairs are. I was huffing and puffing and totally exhausted, but I kept myself motivated by thinking about how great it is for me and how amazing those stairs will help my butt to look haha. It works! Seriously :D

It was also extremely hot, but I was grateful for the change up in work out, it was a good break from my regular 5k running route. Also, I was able to eat 4 squares of yummy Cadbury Crunchie bar chocolate and not feel guilty :) I've decided to stop feeling so bad whenever I allow myself to have a little treat. I'm so harsh on myself and it's really unfair to my self-esteem and self-confidence. 

After the Bird Walk we exited out Whitehorse drive, carried on up the gorge hill, walked down Hillcrest, down the Rock Pitt steps, down Commerce street, through the Gypsy fair and back home. The whole excursion took about 2 hours and at the end Mitchell stated that that's the best workout he's had in weeks haha. Mitchell is not overly athletic, so kudos to him for giving it his best efforts and keeping up with me!

When we got home we chillaxed with a good movie, "The Boat That Rocked" I LOVED it!! It was so so so funny, and I was so proud to see Rhys Darby repping NZ. It was so good, I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Rock N' Roll and is interested in a light-hearted comedy with lots of naked girls ;]

After that we had our eats, in the middle of the movie I had strawberry Greek Yoghurt with Walnuts, Almonds and Oats and after I had half a can of tinned peaches and some "hot pork", it was so good! And kept me full for ages which is good.

I'm booking my learners license tomorrow! Exciting stuff!!! I'm going to go for  my Motorbike license at the same time. I can't wait to be able to drive, I'll feel so independent, I'm really truly excited at the idea for the first time in my life.


Friday, September 18, 2009

RIP Harlow my baby :'(

So I woke to some terrible news this morning... My Kitten Harlow got run over and she died.
I'm incredibly upset about it, she was the cutest, most kind natured and adorable little bundle of fluff I've ever had as a pet.
I've never had a cat like her. She always used to be happiest when she was wrapped around your next like a scarf and you always new she was happy because she'd purr like a lawn-mower :)
Even my Uncle who is allergic to cats, loved her and took to her instantly, carrying her around on his shoulder and feeding her meat scraps when he was cooking the barbie.
I'll miss her so so much and I can't believe she's gone already :( We've had her since March and she's been the best kitten.
I love her.
Here are some shots of me and my gorgeous girl:

RIP my baby xoxoxoxoxoxoxo I'll miss you.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cross country recap!

Well today I ran the school cross country for the first time in my entire LIFE. So that alone is a serious achievement for me.
UNFORTUNATELY, It didn't go too well for me, for reasons which are entirely my own fault.
The worst thing that I did today was not drinking water. I had my 1.5 liter bottle with me as usual, but because I have this ridiculous fear of having to pee whilst running, I didn't drink any of it. So the only liquid I had had all day was a cup of strong coffee at 7 in the morning.
It did not go down well at ALL. 
I felt absolutely dreadful through the entire duration of the short run because I was running in the boiling hot sun feeling dehydrated and suffering Acid Reflux. I felt like at any time I was going to vomit acid.
YUCK. I had to WALK a little bit of the way because I was in too much pain, I was so disappointed in myself.
Another bad mistake I made was not wearing sunblock. It was boiling hot and the sun was less than forgiving on my bare, exposed arms, legs, ears and face and even though I don't think I got sunburnt, it was on my mind the entire time. I hate getting sunburnt because it's so bad for you.
Finally, I need to start running regularly on rough-terrain. At one point in the track we had to run through a paddock, and the ground was so bumpy and uneven, I was terrified I was going to twist an ankle.
Maybe next time I'll tape up my ankles?
I also wish I'd worn a hairband to hold back my fringe because when I was running through the paddock it was ten times more difficult to concentrate on my footing because I couldn't see properly.

Overall, I came 27th. Now that is still a massive achievement for me :) Because in my history with cross-country, I've never made an effort and I always wound up coming within the last TEN people.
That's embarrassing.
So despite the less than favourable conditions, I'm happy with my placing :)
I know I could've done much better if I had've taken in to consideration those factors, but what can you do?
Next year I'll do even better.

Some things I'd change or will do better next year:
1. Stay hydrated throughout the day and bring a small water bottle with me.
2. Tie ALL my hair back
3. Wear plenty of sunblock
4. Wear less heat absorbing clothing
5. Train on uneven surfaces more often.

I'm a little embarrassed that as a runner I didn't do better, but it'll give me a chance to prove myself next time.